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   This is a transformation based on meaningful integration and

   collaboration between all NextGen partners, including the private

   sector. It focuses on leveraging new technologies, such as satellite

   based navigation, surveillance, and networking. We are setting the

   stage for the development of an air transportation system that will

   be safe, scalable to growing demand, and responsive to evolving

   business models.

   [IT] IS a new approach to the way we view the

   future of the system, and it demands a new

   level of collaborationplanning, and vision.

The most important products in development for NextGen are the

definitional tools and documents that explain what the system is, what

its capabilities are, and how they all fit together. Having these kinds of

planning tools is essential for an initiative of this of scope. With that in

mind, the JPDO is working with all of its government partners and the

private sector in developing the...

Concept of Operations and the Enterprise Architecture.

The Concept of Operations explains how the system will work and what

it will look like. This is important in developing the structure, policy,

procedures, and the changes in the function that will be needed to make

the system a reality. The Enterprise Architecture is much like a set of

blue- prints. It defines the key capabilities of NextGen, how they fit

together, the timing of their implementation, and how they affect the

various members of the aviation community.

The Enterprise Architecture
will serve as a guide in developing our future

needs for research and capital investment and an important part of this

process is mapping how programmatic changes and investments track to

Operational Improvements.


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