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Posted on Mar 15th, 2007 by L. Diane : SoulSpeak L. Diane


Love is a journey in the middle of its own existence.

Love has no boundaries or issues of time, it has no ‘beginning’, it has no ‘end’,
and love exists, waiting for us to discover its essence, our essence;
to choose to be on its path.

Love is pure, simple, kind, sweet, passionate, giving, receiving, peaceful; it is the journey of ones
spirit in connection to ones soul, in connection to the soul of another. One Soul.

Love fly’s through the depths of being, having no limitations, no place in bondage.

Love is energy waiting to be freed.

Love is eternal.

Love has no beginning; love has no end.

Love simply is.

Prose to Ponder


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Michael : catalyst-producer

7 days later
Michael said

“THE greatest bond in LIFE is LOVE, and that should receive a fuller understanding

and BE the basis of RIGHTEOUSNESS in ALL dealings between man and woman.”

                                                                                                Leonardo Da Vinci

Love has no boundaries or issues of time, it has no ‘beginning’, it has no ‘end’,

and love exists, waiting for us to discover its essence, our essence; to choose

to be on its path.

Bravo !

9 months later
cat said

My dog died last February after 7 years with me, my longest and best relationship.

I found him when he was 15 days old in a center for a dogs with no human family.

It looked liked this one in the picture, only a little more black.Is it yours?

if yes tell me a little bit about it.


Changing the subject, I am pleased to have a friend that seems to know something about love. I have no idea, it is just a word I use now and then to define some feeling, but its real meaning it is far from me, in case it existed. thanks for accepting the invitation Lisa, you have a beautifull name wi(vicenta)

L. Diane : SoulSpeak

9 months later
L. Diane said

Hi Wi, I suspect the relationship you shared with your dog is brimming with stories of love - the act of giving a home to an abandoned animal IS love in great expanse. The one in the picture is Calvin, he is an Irish Wolfhound and is a mentor to be sure. He weighs about 170 pounds, is 36 inches at the shoulder and has a fantastic sense of humour, and snuggles that reach depths of soul so pure - he constatnly reminds me about the purity of love, it's undonditional state of expression. Wi, what do you feel love toward?

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Comment by Michael Grove on September 15, 2013 at 9:53

"ONLY together - [as merchants of LOVE ] 

- can our starlight help us find our way -

in this cosmic soup of choices and beauty."

Janie Hedrick

Comment by Michael Grove on December 29, 2013 at 8:16

~ The Vastness of Love in Bloom by Heavenletters (TM)

God said:

If life is not all about your individual life, and it is not, what are you on Earth for then?

Beloveds, you are here to serve.

From the moment you were born, you served your parents as their child. You were born for more than yourself. You were born to give service from your heart. At the beginning of your birth, your life included a small circle, and, as you grew, your circle grew. Or,    perhaps I should say that your conscious awareness of how far you extended grew. Now you know that your Being and your thoughts encircle the whole Universe and beyond and make all the difference in the world. Beloveds, you transcend yourself.

We could say that you are here on Earth for greater than your personal expansion. You are here as a gift for the world and for greater than the world. You are a gift on Earth for Me, beloveds, Certainly, you are here for the growth of yourself. Your heart grows. This means your heart grows to Greater Love until your heart loves without exception, and so you fulfill My plan for the world. You are to usher in Paradise. You make it possible. YOUR heart reunites all hearts through the LOVE in your HEART that thrums the beat of MY LOVE.

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