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  MY OWN personal connessione with EVERY ONE of the notable subjects

  of Tom Bower's Books, let alone his latest revelations of the shenanigans

  of a certain gentleman, whose own connessione with the curious case of

  being British was severed, when he chose to leave the Church of England

  and join the Church of ROME; has engendered my long-since held very

  focussed understanding of ... "another imperative for today's globalised

  world is the necessity to unite politics and morality, which IS a big and

  difficult problem and one which cannot be solved in one fell swoop"  as 

  the former Soviet Leader Mikhail Gorbachev, has recently proposed

  He goes on to say that ... 
"Those who declared the victory of the West in 

  the Cold War, who refused to build a new, equitable security system,

  bear a large portion of the responsibility for the current state of the world.

  Triumphalism is a bad advisor in world affairs. But that is not the only

  problem. The new global world is still not understood and interpreted.

  It needs new rules of conduct, a new morality. But the world leaders,

  apparently, cannot grasp this. I think that here lies the main reason for

  today's "global troubles." World politics has still not found an effective

  solution for any one of these problems. Meanwhile, a new round of the

  arms race has begun, the ecological crisis is getting worse and the gap

  between rich and poor countries is growing, as well as between the rich

  and the poor within individual countries. These are the problems that

  must be on the top of the world's agenda. But they are not being solved.

  Dead ends are everywhereAnd yet it would seem that there are

  possibilities to overcome them, as well as mechanisms – those that have

  existed for a long time, such as the UN, and new ones, such as the G20,

  which was created to meet the new challenges. But hardly anyone can

  say that they have been successful. They are always late, they are always

  behind. We are faced with a leadership crisis, both international and

  national. Politicians are just occupied with "putting out fires," solving the

  day's problems, crises and conflicts."


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Comment by Michael Grove on August 22, 2021 at 15:32

Climate change [IS] "an immediate threat, not a far-off possibility," it says. For example, large wildfires are getting more frequent because of climate change. The report notes that the area burned in wildfires nationwide each year has increased over the past 20 years, and "although projections vary by state and ecoregion, on average, the annual area burned by lightning-ignited wildfire is expected to increase by at least 30 percent by 2060."

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