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Ian Gardner's Blog – June 2015 Archive (25)

Fighting Wars Is Only Natural.

It seems as if there is more fighting in the world today than there has been in known history, and a large proportion of us agree with this or go along with it. But why do we fight so much?

We fight so much because it is natural. In nature, animals fight to defend their territories, their nests and their homes - it is natural; and we are animals, or rather, we have taken…


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Enlightenment. (2)

1. Enlightenment is stopping the rainbow from moving away as you approach.

2. Enlightenment is when all one's insights have completed the jigsaw.

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Regarding Yourself.

Regarding yourself, who do you see living your day to day life? Is it the actor or the character in the play?

If it is the character you see it helps to remind yourself, as often as possible, that you are really the actor, and you can do this by a quick reminder like "I am!" or "I am Spirit!" - or whatever suits you.

When it is the actor you see, or see…


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Money. (1)

Thought sees money for what it is.

Mind sees money as a means to happiness.

Hence, when we think about money we see just money

and when we ment* about money we see Utopia.

*See Thought & Thinking in The Milk Is White.…


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The Purpose of Life.

What started with my wanting to comment about “The essence of all spiritual wisdom.” led me to want to define “The essence of all spiritual wisdom.” and the result, after a bit of sorting out, is:

We are all Spirit experiencing a process set up to facilitate its (each Spirit's) understanding of its true identity and, through that understanding, to revert to its…


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