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Regarding yourself, who do you see living your day to day life? Is it the actor or the character in the play?

If it is the character you see it helps to remind yourself, as often as possible, that you are really the actor, and you can do this by a quick reminder like "I am!" or "I am Spirit!" - or whatever suits you.

When it is the actor you see, or see most often, you are well on your way to the top of the mountain.

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Life is a Stage.
“Life is a stage ……………” said Shakespeare. Well, it really is.

On a stage people get dressed in costumes, change their appearance, suppress their true character and take on the part of another character. They then act the stage part using what they learned and practiced in preparation for the play.
So it is in spiritual life because each life is a play wherein we dress as a character, change appearance, suppress our true character, take on the part of a new character and act out what we learned in the period/s between other lives.

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