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3D • citiZEN4D • journey of 5D TRANSITION

The symbolism of THIS most special bridge is that IT IS and will ever be,
divided - by the "empty space" through which the tow-rope passed - as
the horse to which it was harnessed - pulled the canal boat under the bridge and on it's watery way. Standing on the bridge with ALL our collective
hands joined will allow US to traverse that empty space between ALL our
individual SELVES - so that we may ALL join hands as ONE to "bridge "
the empty space between us ...
and oversee the "lubrication" of - the desert within.
10 to the Power of 10Equality of Thinking Environments to
provide the scaleability to encompass 10 billion souls as ONE soul.

ONLY when having crossed the bridge of [LIFE] we discover that the last tree has died and the last river been poisoned and the last fish been caught will WE REALISE that WE CANNOT EAT MONEY

the journey begins & the journey continues BUT to
live HAPPILY one must live UNSEEN with the necessary COMPASSION and COLLABORATION required, whilst maintaining COOPERATION with ALL of those who truly seek to [BE] involved with OUR NETWORK EVOLUTION
IT [IS] THE TIME NOW for ALL the passengers of our
Spaceship Earth, to take a leaf out of Buckminster Fuller's
books of LIFE and realise that LOVE IS the operating system of LIFE and that it is indubitably the case, as SO many before us have manifestly understood, that ...
[BE]ing sure to explore ALL of the 49 Tunnels detailed
in the comments.


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