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 The quality of everything we do depends on the quality of the thinking

 we do first. The quality of our thinking depends on the way we treat each

 other while we are thinking.

 The ten behaviours that generate the finest thinking, and have become known

 as The Ten Components of a Thinking Environment, are: Attention, Equality,

 EaseAppreciation, Encouragement, Feelings, Information, Diversity,

 Incisive QuestionsPlace. Each Component is powerful individually, but the

 presence of all ten working together gives this process its transformative


Ease creates; urgency destroys because as Leonardo da Vinci proposed Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication.

 Ease, an internal state free from rush or urgency, creates the best conditions

 for thinking. But Ease, particularly in organisations and through the 'push'

 aspect of social networking, is being systematically bred out of our lives. 

 We need to face the fact that if we want people to think well under impossible

 deadlines and inside the injunctions of ‘faster, better, cheaper, more'


This takes the particular discipline of a Thinking Environment, 

and it takes a preference for quality over the rush of adrenaline.

Ervin Laszlo has proposed in his Huffington Post Blog that...

"Western civilization - more exactly, the Western mind that creates
the civilization - has a serious disease.

IT's a "dis-ease" that affects all of us in the West.

And now we can have a better idea of what's behind it.

Take merely these characteristics of the Western mind: it sees things as separate, each

thing on its own, connected merely by mechanistic relations of cause and effect;

  • it's competitive: each individual is on his or her own, making his or her wayin an impersonal and indifferent world;
  • it disconnects the mind from the body: the mind only "drives" or "manages" the body as it would a car or an organization;
  • it best understands the things it creates as artificial, synthetic things that can be readily and unambiguously manipulated;
  • it disconnects the human from the natural; nature itself becomes the "environment" that humans can manage and manipulate to serve their interests;
  • it categorizes, schematizes people and things, viewing them as abstract entities rather than as existing, living realities;
  • it deals with the representations of people and things rather than with our living experience of people and things;
  • and it views all things, nature included, as mechanistic kinds of systems, put together from their parts and capable of being manipulated by acting on their parts.

These traits add up to a dis-ease, to the long-discussed malaise of civilization -

Western civilization. Other civilizations have their own problems and failings,

but the above traits are typically those of the Western mind: of the civilization

created by the Western mind.

The dis-ease of the Western mind is a product of historical circumstance.

But it is not fated; we could overcome our one-sided heritage of the past.

The key to it is using our brain more fully. This would give us a consciousness

where the broad, holistic world of the right brain is linked with the pragmatic,

skillful world of the left. This "broadband" consciousness without loss of acuity

is the hallmark of what I called Quantum Consciousness. QC could be the next

step in the evolution of the human mind, and it could be our salvation. Moving

toward it by balancing your own approach to reality would be a good beginning

toward curing the dis-ease of the Western mind."

First posted by Michael Grove on June 7, 2010 at 10:00


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Comment by Michael Grove on September 10, 2022 at 9:41

In the context of a play on words, I would humbly suggest that the Public Health England factors which deal with all aspects of DISEASE could [NOW] be utilised to address the Global Climate Change Issues of DIS-EASE, by way of NEW MODEL of the United Nations based on BuckMinster Fuller's concepts of Vector Equilibrium • Synergetics.

[IT] IS of course the empty [  ] space between the 
"islands" of politics, religion & science that have to [BE]
 "bridged" in order that a fully integrated & INTEGRAL solution might be achieved whether that takes the form of a NEW INTEGRAL MODEL of the UNITED NATIONS or whatever.

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