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compassion, collaboration & cooperation iN transistion

in the space between the connected dots IS in[DEEDthe

understanding which results from a VERY evident awakening

to what Douglas Harding described as "the true identity that

is more wonderful than any of us can imagine and easier to

perceive than anything in the world", in my Sholland Trust (UK)

Edition of ...

Look for Yourself - The Science and Art of Self-Realization.

Can you all just imagine for a moment how difficult it can be for a dyslexic

to be born to the world of the lexics, without the understanding and

support of a loving family around you. Winston Churchill was just such

a person, haunted for the entirety of his life with the black dogs of

depression, as a result of never being able to bridge the chasm of

mankind’s misunderstanding, whilst executing his purpose of existence,

which was of course, to change the fate of England and the world.

The understanding and support of my own loving family, my parents and

both sets of grandparents, however, ensured that I didn’t even realise that

I was dyslexic, until my meeting with the female dyslexic designer of the

first Silicon Graphics desk-top 3D cad-cam system. It was she who told

me about the dyslexic Thomas West and his book In the Mind’s Eye, which

resulted in my involvement with an exhibition of the works of dyslexic

artists at the Mall Galleries

Following the many years of my own active involvement in the evolution of

telecommunications infrastructure development, subsequent to the

Leila Khaled hi-jacking event - particularly the prototyping of virtual

reality simulation systems and the use of Smalltalk and Nextstep object

oriented operating systems, hypercard and hypertext [I suggested to Apple,

when they first launched Hypercard that it was so important that it should

be sold for $3500 and the Macintosh computer be given away with it free],

as well as file transfer protocol over aeronautical fixed telecommunications

network [AFTN], prior to Tim Berners Lee’s brilliant development of the

World Wide Web, using hypercard on a Macintosh, front ended to a NEXT

server to create the hypertext transfer protocol [http://] - it was my early

use of Blogger and my then regular readings of the journal which was

entitled what is Enlightenment [WIE], that finally alerted me to the IDEA

of Brian Johnson for establishing *zaadz, towards the end of 2005. 

I watched and contemplated the development thereof, from afar so to

speak, and planned what I believed was needed for me to establish my

presence there from the outset. So it was that my first *zBlog@zaadz

entitled BRAVO!, referred to my inherent understanding of ALL that was

Douglas Harding. 


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Comment by Michael Grove on December 19, 2021 at 9:19

   IF anything is to be taken away from ALL of the above, for the

   purposes of both individual and collective contemplation of a

   Leap into the Future - HumanKIND must forget what it has been

   conditioned to believe IS the basis of civilisation on earth today and

   take cognisance of the potential - emergence of new beginnings 

   for a global empathic civilisation. 


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