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As autumnal thoughts evoke SUMMERS passed - and sometimes forgotten - and the Spring, Summer, Autumn, Winter & Spring cycle of LIFE continues - ever evolving - let us never forget that - Power Corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely - & that - EVIL is power without humility - & remember remember that as with The Chancellor - the establishment of the arrogance of power without the humility of gratitude or being grateful is EVIL indeed.

I wish you ALL @zaadz well - and your own GOD's speed and guidance -
as you VOTE or NOT VOTE today.

Simpsons evolution

The question IS will HOMER vote ?

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Michael : catalyst-producer

9 days later
Michael said

A Deep, Deep Breath and Transatlantic Difference in Religious Politics provide an open perspective from the - two sides of the divide - that large “pond” that stands between us - or as Winston Churchill said - ” two nations divided by the same language ”

Michael : catalyst-producer

9 days later
Michael said

Lest we forget HOPE springs eternal

Michael : catalyst-producer

over 3 years later
Michael said

To monitor our rendezvous with destiny … the journey starts here !

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