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     AS a long time reader of Vanity Fair since first reading the occasional

     copy which My mother was able to afford, I have followed doing so on

     occasion and was entirely fascinated by this particular article from 

     Katrina Brooker ...

     "This agony, however, has had a profound effect on

     Tim Berners-Lee. He is now embarking on a third

     act - determined to fight back through both his

     celebrity status and, notably, his skill as a coder.

     In particular, Tim Berners-Lee has, for some time,

     been working on a new platform, Solid, to reclaim

     the World Wide Web from corporations and return

     it to its democratic roots."

 As I have oft quoted Christopher Cook as having said

     here in cyberspace...   

     Vision without action is just a dreamAction without vision

     passes the time. ACTION and VISION can change the world.

      SOLID's VISION  •  
   [IS] to implement 



   Never forgetting however that ... 
    ANTS aren't smart but ANT COLONIES ARE !!! 

Never forgetting [THE] serendipitous 'connessione' with the [RE]flexions of my own very left-handed dyslexic ... JOURNEY of LIFE.


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