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IT IS THE PEOPLE of Britain and Northern Ireland, who will vote on the

23rd of June, whether to REMAIN in the EU or LEAVE the EU. The argument

so far from the REMAIN CAMP has been ENTIRELY ECONOMIC and as

Allister Heath has written in today's Telegraph ... "Over the past few weeks,

David Cameron and George Osborne have been claiming, over and again,

that those of us who support Brexit have lost the economic argument.

They want us to concede that we only really care about “sovereignty”, and

to accept that this would come at a heavy cost in terms of forgone

prosperity. It’s a convenient narrative for the Remain side, and one which

underpins its strategy to win the referendum. IT’S ALSO UTTER NONSENSE."

Those of you who have followed my own presence in cyberspace, over the

last several years, will perhaps remember my declared anxiety about the

mindset of economists and more particularly their seemingly complete

disconnect with the fact that one of the major consequences of

consequences of their own actions, is the fact that financial markets crash.

It was during the early years @*zaadz, when I posted quite a lot about

Gillian Tett, and her superb analysis of the complete disconnect of



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