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  "The universe cannot be read until we have learnt the     

   language and become familiar with the characters in

   which it is written. [IT] IS written in mathematical 

   language" - Galileo Galilei 

 The underlying magic of numbers is no longer hidden behind abstract

 algebra and complex equations. Incredible Numbers makes clear some

 of the most intriguing mathematical mysteries.

 An enormous number 
of flowers have petals corresponding to

 Fibonacci numbers, the 13 petalled Echnecea and 21 petalled daisy

 are just two examples; and the sizes of the leaves of an Echeveria

 prolifica seem to follow the Fibonacci sequence. The passionfruit

 flower has three stigmas and five anthers and the spirals on the

 base of a pinecone correspond to fibonacci numbers. The cut of

 leaves often match the golden spiral, the angle of sunflower seeds

 is closely related to the golden ratio and the aloe displays the

 Fibonacci spiral. The galaxy Messier 51 has a spiral structure and

 weather systems sometimes follow a logarithmic spiral, the golden

 spiral being one example of same. 

 NATURE has given her own glorious tribute to the SUN in the

 form of flowers. Gracefully stretching and unfolding in brilliant

 hues, ever turning their delicate blossoms towards the greatest

 source of light- flowers seek the SUN and flourish in its rays.

 Perhaps NATURE's best paean to the SUN is the flower that so

 closely resembles it - THE SUNFLOWER. The sunflower stands as

 a monument to the vital connection between the SUN and EARTH,

 rising majestically from the brown earth, towering over fields at

 heights of six feet or more, thick-stemmed and brilliant gold.

 Is it any wonder that we delight in a meadow of sunflowers, or a

 radiant bouquet? Like sunflowers, we seek the SUN, delight in its

 warmth, and welcome its LIGHT in OUR HEARTS.


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Comment by Michael Grove on November 4, 2019 at 18:27

   FROM [UN]MANIFESTO to the potential of a NEW MODEL of the [UN]

   which THE human[KIND] of Spaceship Earth in Freespace 4D, can

   n•O•w  embark on, in a new collective relationship with NATURE,

   that establishes a timeless zone for communication and commerce

   in4D™ by realising the dream of a common language in4D™ and the

   whole IDEA is to reclaim y[OUR] species lost relationship, as a

   constituent component of NATURE, through a permanent

   manifestation of the original concept of ...

   THE ART of the POSSIBLE by way of 
   THE ONE : Our Network Evolution

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