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Would it not be better if you were to talk only about spirituality?...

“I look at life in its totality and that total vision is what I call spirituality. Politics is one of the subjects, and so is mathematics, and human rights. Spirituality is not a single category; spirituality means life in its totality.

Spirituality means knowing and living life in its totality. Politics can live in its own category and so can mathematics, but not spirituality because spirituality does not have a category of its own. [IT] IS the art of living this life as a whole. It touches every part of life.

“Of course, politics would not like spirituality to touch it; nor would science or commerce – because spirituality changes whatever it touches. The moment the reflection of spirituality falls on politics, it cannot remain the same; similarly, science and commerce cannot remain what they are.

“It is to their advantage that spirituality does not touch them, but it is not good for spirituality. The moment spirituality is divided into segments, it becomes lifeless and pale. It can remain healthy only in its wholeness. That does not mean spirituality has to become political, or anything else. It does not have to become anything; its reflection is enough. It has only to look at politics, commerce, and science. Its vision and its wakefulness itself are a revolution.”

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