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Inrupt is delivering Sir Tim Berners-Lee’s ...

... original vision of a web of shared benefit, for everyone

To Web 3.0 evangelists, this revolution is achieved via a fully “decentralized” internet built on blockchain. Needless to say, this is a departure from all of the existing constructs of the web. However, it’s not reasonable to expect everyone to throw away what they currently have and start over. After all, what we have is pretty good at a lot of things. We need to shift the paradigm, not overhaul it. Instead of a revolution, what we need is an evolution of the web as we know it, to enable the capabilities promised by Web 3.0: security, privacy, consent, user-centricity, interoperability, and more.

As currently considered, the Web 3.0 promise is missing somethingnamely, the logical next step toward a better internet. This logical next step has been provided by the originator of the web himself, Sir Tim Berners-Lee

Blockchain is an impressive technology that can be highly useful in specific contexts. But it does not provide the end-to-end capabilities needed to serve as the foundation for the next evolutionary phase of the web. Achieving the full promise of Web 3.0 will require Solid technologies and standards that enable interoperability and fine-grained access control within a distributed and compliant system. These capabilities serve to engender trust as people gain visibility, transparency, and consent over their data.

Osmar Olivo is VP of product management at Inrupt.

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Comment by Michael Grove on January 31, 2023 at 22:13

This Month in Solid is excited to be back with new updates on the Solid Community each month.

For those who may be new to the newsletter, Solid is a web standard that puts people in control of their data.

We’ll highlight interesting articles, developments, and Solid-based projects each month. We’re always looking for Solid Community input—if you have an item to add to the next edition of this newsletter, email

After a year of significant progress for Solid’s adoption around the world, we’re already seeing exciting developments in the Solid Community in 2023, such as new Solid apps and emerging partnerships.

You can also catch up on thoughtful discussions from last year: In November, Solid Mcr hosted their third event, where they welcomed SolidLab Flanders, VITO, Konsolidate and Digita, and welcomed back BBC Research & Development. The event included a two-part presentation on Solid-based initiatives, with an additional round table event with selected industry representatives exploring: The pros and cons of the current data architecture for society; the role of a decentralized data architecture; barriers to adoption; and the role of a UK-based Solid Community.

Comment by Michael Grove on March 15, 2023 at 9:49

The collapse of Silicon Valley Bank
is a turning point for tech 
by Kelli María Korducki • The Atlantic 

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