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compassion, collaboration & cooperation iN transistion

[IS] to act as catalyst in the process of establishing a mechanism to allow the GLOBAL citiZENship of ALL 7.5 billion passengers of Spaceship Earth, to avail themselves of the opportunity to make THE SWITCH - such that when THE SWITCH has been affected by the majority of SOULs on Earth • AN ORGANIC CHANGE in the structure of present-day society would be produced.

There is a planetary emergency. Only by deepening our collective understanding of the interconnections between all living things and seeing them as a whole can we protect the Earth and engender environmental harmony and social equity • and in some manner or other, in the context of my my more recent presence in cyberspace at Facebook, encourage others to enjoin with me in my mission of addressing the IDEA of the consequences of consequences of COMPLEX SYSTEMS by way of utilising Facebook as a surface. 

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