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compassion, collaboration & cooperation iN transistion

 ... CAN in[DEED] • [NOW] materialise after 

   [IT]'s original FACEBOOK materialisation  

   because of the important fact that...

   IDEAS CAN LEAD to the revelation of...


   and most particularly a level of in-depth 

   understanding in fact which Eric Khune

   reminded me of during our meeting in 

   London shortly before his tragic death. 

      “...THE SPACE in between the brackets of [in4D]™ provides a surface, which IS focused on the point of nOw that IS [≡] PAST • PRESENT • FUTURE as ONE; on which you can project IDEAS, and from which, you can transmit ...HOW to SHARE IDEAS, for the mutual benefit of ALL the passengers of Spaceship Earth - human and otherwise.

[IT]'S the concept of Facebook [BE]ing the VERY SURFACE onto which IDEAS can be cooperatively, collectively and collaboratively projected, that Eric and I discussed, towards the end of our meeting at his offices in London • ALL of which equates to the TIME[less] GENIUS of Eric’s UNIVERSAL surface perspective of ALL things 5th dimensional, projected [in4D]™ ≡ MIND, BODY and ACTION • BRAVO and ALL HAIL to his own LIBRARY of IDEAS which he shared selflessly with the passengers of Spaceship Earth...”


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Comment by Michael Grove on December 31, 2022 at 13:17

"Never forgetting that The universe cannot be read

 until we have learnt the language and become

 familiar with the characters in which it is written.

 [IT] IS written in mathematical language"

                                           - Galileo Galilei 

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