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compassion, collaboration & cooperation iN transistion


  own personal experience of the CONFLICT in TIME and SPACE of the

  very consequences of consequences of the complex system of LIFE

  which culminated in yet another world war [BE]ing declared barely 21

  years after the GREAT WAR ARMISTICE had taken place; that he wrote...

 "The psychology of the mature human being is an unfolding, emergent,

 oscillating, spiralling process marked by progressive subordination of

 older, lower-order behaviour systems to newer, higher-order systems

 as man’s existential problems change."


 Clare Graves wrote in 1974 that …

 THE PRESENT MOMENT finds our society attempting to negotiate the most difficult,

 but  at the same time most exciting, transition the human race has faced to date. 

 The future presents us with three distinct possibilities.

 1. A massive regression back to our stone-age beginnings if we fail to stabilize 

     our world's weapons and endangered resources.

 2. A version of George Orwell's 1984, embodied in forms of BLUE-ORANGE-GREEN

     tyrannical, manipulative government with glossed over communitarian overtones.

 3. The emergence of a Second Tier approach to business and society which would be

     fundamentally different from the one we know today, equipped to act locally

     and plan globally while acting globally and planning locally at the same time.

 about 1 year later Michael quoted Clare Graves, as having proposed the following ...

 I am not saying in this conception of adult behavior that one style of being, one form of

 human existence is inevitably and in all circumstances superior to or better than another

 form of human existence, another style of being. What I am saying is that when one

 form of being is more congruent with the realities of existence, then it is the better

 form of living for those realities. And what I am saying is that when one form of

 existence ceases to be functional for the realities of existence then some other

 form, either higher or lower in the hierarchy, is the better form of living. I do

 suggest, however, and this I deeply believe is so, that for the overall welfare of total

 man's existence in this world, over the long run of time, higher levels are better

 than lower levels and that the prime good of any society's governing figures should

 be to promote human movement up the levels of human existence.

 ... in Levels of Existence, Forms of Being

"All for ourselves and nothing for other people seems,
 in every age of
the world, to have been the vile maxim of the masters of mankind."


That was Adam Smith in the Wealth of NationsNOT Karl Marx.



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