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compassion, collaboration & cooperation iN transistion

  THAT My J[our]ney of LIFE
 has in[DEED] been THE STORY of TWO LIVES,

  which is nOw very much entering a third stage as I increasingly conclude

  that THE MESSAGE of Buddha, Jesus as Jesus and Mohamed • which I have

  previously referred to as THE MESSAGE of ZEN • IS in[FACT] a message 

  which requires the interpolation and subsequent extrapolation of both

  the philosophies of East and West, as well as the evolving scientific

  understanding of the understanding of the existence of a universal

  model of the multiverse of parallel universes • such that the TRUE

  MEANING of 'yang in yin ' working in perfect symmetry with

  'yin in yang', as the balance and harmony of the potential  LIFE that

   MEWE could all enjoy • which has been so succinctly described by

  Dr. Daniel Keown in  his book THE SPARK IN THE MACHINE • and IS

  at long last coming to fruition as a result off the completion of the process

  which STARTED WITH A SPARK and is finally coming to the point when

  human[KIND] will have mastered THE ENTIRETY of THE POTENTIAL



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Comment by Michael Grove on July 12, 2017 at 7:19

Mindset, Conflict and Collective Healing
July 11, 2017 Kosmos Online


Dear Reader,

It has been a deep learning experience producing the first ever Kosmos Live podcast series,

Preparing for Profound Change. Humanity is waging many wars – the literal ones that cause

agonizing pain lasting generations, and figurative ones. We are ‘at war’ with our politicians,

with neighbors who do not believe as we do, with the people we fear, with the planet, and

even with our own thoughts. Much of the conflict in our lives stems from views and habits

we have inherited. Our cultural assumptions are embedded not only in our deeply held

opinions, or mindset, but literally in our bodies and our language.

For example, driving home from work I passed familiar homes on the circle of split-level

colonials and ranch houses where I live. It occurred to me that the words ‘colonial’ and

‘ranch’ and the physical structures themselves carry collective assumptions related to

our history of colonization and notions of westward expansion and ‘manifest destiny’.

This never occurred to me before, so ingrained is my mindset about ‘housing’.

In this edition of Kosmos Online, Thomas Hübl and William Ury talk about historic

trauma and conflict mediation that must occur at this deeper level and how we can

all play a part. I’m looking forward to our podcast with Mr. Ury later this month.

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