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    that a person's handedness - the condition whereby they prefer to use

    their right or left hand - was genetic, but it was unknown which genes

    determined a person's dexterity, until recently. A STUDY compiled using

    research from the Universities of Oxford, St Andrews, Bristol and the

    Max Plank Institute in Nijmegen, in the Netherlands - has isolated the

    network of genes responsible.

    They also
found that the network establishes  the left-right differences 

    in the brain, which in turn influences the favoured handwhile an embryo

    is developing. Oxford’s William Brandler said -

    'The genes are involved in the biological process through which an

     early embryo moves on from being a round ball of cells & becomes

     a growing organism with an established left and right side.' 

    Humans are the only species to show such a strong bias in handedness,

    with around 90 per cent of people being right-handed. But the cause of

    this bias remains largely a mystery, as IS EQUALLY APPARENT when

    [ITcomes to an understanding of UNCONDITIONAL LOVE 


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