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Posted on Mar 3rd, 2010 by mum's the word : Cosmic Explorer mum's the word

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Michael : catalyst-producer

24 days later
Michael said


BY Challenging Conventional Wisdoms

Things are hotting up; and not just in terms of soaring temperatures. Politicians, opinion-formers, economists and business gurus all seem
now to be jockeying for pole position in the climate change debate. It
is almost as if, simply by demonstrating their supposed credentials and
commitment, the ‘answer’ and with it salvation, will be found.

The ‘solutions’ to climate change repeatedly proferred by Western leaders,
think-tanks and board rooms – technical fixes, managerial
reorganisations and diktats from on high …

recall the workings and mindset of defunct communist regimes.

Put aside political ideology, however, and the notion that technocratic,
scientific and political elites have ’the answers’ by dint of their
societal standing, practically ensures that the
one thing rarely opened up to further examination is what drives their
self-referential interests, values, hierarchies, mores, or - for
that-matter - epistemologies, in the fist place

Even less discussed is the possibility that it might be exactly these
imperatives which are acting as an intertial brake on meaningful
action, or, worse still, lie at the very not of why we are in these dire straits

Mark Levene & David Cromwell June 2007

our new masters of the globe are saying to us “rest assured we are not intent on destroying the world, but doing everything in our power to save it.”

BUT the truth is that we must all individually and collectively question that assumption; and must do so by challenging the social, economic and political parameters within which these
diverse elite actors (celebrities of al) assume a basis for action (or
inaction) on climate change

The essential inadequacy of the elite position rests on an unwillingness, indeed inability, to accept the concept of a LIVING-EARTH or anthropogenic climate change as an inevitable consequence of their self-interested
obsession with the need for ever continuing growth of our globalising
economic system

ONLY by rethinking the operating premises of that are we likely to have any chance of moving towards a safer and more sustainable future.

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