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As a result of the genetic modification of the Human DNA, almost all of our foundation circuits are in a state of disconnection, creating a distorted sense of self that has led to fear, shame, guilt and disease.The disruption of the bio-circuitry relating to our primal resonant relationships with our mothers and fathers affects our ability to engage unconditionally in relationships. However, it is no longer necessary or ultimately effective to engage in lengthy post-mortems of childhood, casting ourselves into the trauma-vortex of past tragedies and injustices, reinforcing identities anchored in disempowering scenarios. By reconnecting the vital circuits that relate to conception, gestation, birth and childhood, healing is integrated on the DNA level. The Ceremony of Original Innocence takes us back to our first choice, prior to our first breath, reminding us of our true identity - creators rather than victims. The key to this shift in perception is forgiveness, the bedrock of the shamanic journey. To embrace forgiveness is to embody the living mandala of love, upon which is based the fundamental Human ethic, acknowledging your "response-ability" within the interconnectedness of all creation.Although it is possible to be born with the Water Circuits connected they are almost always disrupted by guilt, regret and anger.

Reconnecting these circuits clears these negative emotions, liberating relationships from destructive patterns.

[IF] you reach out, empathise, make a connection, and

look for a way to reduce the other person’s suffering, and

your own. If the other person opens up, that’s great. If not,

that’s OK, because you’ve reached out and let them know

that you too suffer when you see them suffer.

That’s a powerful thingAnd so you ease your own

suffering, and it’s a selfish sort of compassion.

But that’s the only kind there is.

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Comment by Michael Grove on March 12, 2022 at 13:29

Just take some [TIME] to watch this interview and marvel at [IT]'s MESSAGE and I'd [BE] "a monkey's uncle" IF you're not convinced of [IT]'s REALITY.

Comment by Michael Grove on April 8, 2024 at 7:30

Those of us inclined to believe that events in our childhood must play a critical role in determining the course of adult lives may sometimes step back and ponder an acute question:

How come I am in such a bad way, given that nothing especially bad ever happened to me early on?

We may feel forced to conclude that our present distress can have nothing really to do with our childhoods, given that mum and dad were friendly enough souls, the house was comfortable and the authorities were never called. Maybe how we fare is only ever down to our genes, some inherent biological weaknesses or our own plentiful confusions and errors.


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