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My project maybe of interest.

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In the context of the fact that "MONEY is not WEALTH" - how does your proposal for TFE "fit" with an empathic civilisation - as suggested by Jeremy Rifkin and/or the caring revolution of Riane Eisler's ?


TFE in its advanced stage especially could fund projects in full, or in part relevant organisations to help create the Emphathic Civilisation.

Money is a medium of exchange for goods, and services. It is not the real wealth of natural resources.

I would agree with Poor Richard's comment - I like Greco’s comment better than the video - in response to Jem Bendell's - Rebuilding a Financial System by Ourselves - and in the context of The Revolution at Hand and the inevitable question proposed - What Infrastucture? - I would draw your attention to my zBlog  Success Has Many Parents - in which I referred to a conversation with Kenneth Baker during 1982, about the potential development of interactive multimedia communications, when I said that - the archives of the BBC were worth more to the British nation than all the country’s coal deposits and that in order to “mine” that wealth, an appropriate industrial infrastructure would have to be established before the information could be put into information technology and subsequently distributed in a form that would be useful to all potential users.

I was first struck by the potential of small scale simulation systems, as an air traffic controller, during the 1970's and subsequently worked as a consultant to Acorn Computers and the BBC and thence Apple and the development of a CIM Product Simulator in collaboration with Surrey University. 

Yes, there is nothing wrong with human-scale communities. With TFE these could also receive Financial Facilitation ( as grants, and/or loans) along with the bigger environmental, and socially ethical enterprises. 

I think it is possible that the financial system could be built by ourselves via a some kind of community currency. But unless everyone else is going to do the same thing then..and only then we would make some real impact in the world. 

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