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to be a co-creator at the threshold of a new global paradigm,

transforming us from Homo Sapiens Sapiens into Homo Universalis?





Barbara Marx Hubbard explains how to use the "Wheel of Co-Creation

as a model to take actions to more synergy and creativity in all fields of

the societal body.


"The earth as a living system, by many, appears to be a terminal

patient on the way out and yet the reality is what we require is a

change of belief. Because with that change of belief we are then

able to feed a process of spontaneous remission. THIS GARDEN

can come back as fast as we can change our belief system."


Dr. Bruce H. Lipton - Biologist



The Peace Room

A key factor in shifting the tide of history toward a positive future is the

linking up of those projects and breakthroughs already working to heal

and evolve our world. This is the purpose of the new social function

called the Peace Room. Peace in this context does not mean only conflict

resolution; it means peace through cocreation, through the full expression

of human creativity in cooperation with nature, with one another, and with

the deeper design of evolution.


As in our war rooms we track our enemies and strategize how to defeat

them, so in our Peace Rooms we scan for projects that are working in key

areas such as education, economics, environment, arts and media, science

and technology, government. We map them according to function and

geography until we see pictures of the emerging world.  We connect

initiatives and people for greater cooperation and effectiveness, and we

communicate in all media the stories of our breakthroughs and successes

for greater public participation.


Existing both on the Internet and physically in communities, Peace Rooms

will help us see the design of what’s working in the world, encouraging us

to enter more fully into the process of building the futures we choose.


Our Vision


We envision the United Nations creating the first global Peace Room as

sophisticated as a war room, within the first decade of the 21st century.

It will be connected to comparable sites in nations and communities

worldwide, assisting in identifying the emerging evolutionary agenda to

guide the policies and actions of the social body on a positive evolutionary

track. Imagine a planetary flow chart that would track the myriad initiatives

in every field… an indicative plan made up of everyone’s plans, so that we

could all see the system as a whole living body and be more effective

through collaboration.


                                                                Barbara Marx Hubbard






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Comment by Michael Grove on July 29, 2013 at 15:54

Futurist Barbara Marx Hubbard has been developing the concept of the Peace Room. Unlike the Pentagon's sophisticated war room mapping out all their enemies and strategies to defeat them, the equally sophisticated peace room would be a place on the Internet as well as in towns, cities, and nations, where the best practices and organizations for around the world that are involved in developing a new paradigm for peace converge. The peace room would scan for projects and experiments that are working to create a better world, map out these places, and communicate and network with people and organizations who are working on the cutting edge of evolution in building a peaceful model of 21 st Century life.

The "Peace Room" has been expanded by Hubbard and Congressman Dennis Kucinich to become the "Department of Peace," a cabinet-level department in the executive branch of the Federal Government which would be responsible for studying and developing conditions that are conductive to both domestic and international peace.

My feeling is that the Department of Peace should make human beings' relationship to nature as a top priority.  To take a serious look at the way we have exploited nature and to understand what the consequences are from this abuse, one feels the urgency in our need to shift development from a car-centered urban sprawl culture to a car-free compact urban culture. To do so, means to build arcology.

Arcology is a metaphor for peace, in all its forms.

Comment by Michael Grove on December 17, 2013 at 7:05

A few months ago quantum physicists Leonard Susskind,

Craig Hogan and Brian Greene - among others - came up with

the IDEA IS that space-time is a hologram where everything

is "entangled".

We know that in a hologram all of the information that makes up

an image is given everywhere and at the same time, so not time is

involved in going from one place to another - everything is present

everywhere. This holographic information is likely to be present

in the universe, and it is likely to be given for all time.

[IT] is not ephemeral

The latest experiment carried out
a few months ago testify to this

Ervin Laszlo in conversation with Edgar Mitchell

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