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The legacy of the Crimean War still...

  RESONATES in Ukraine, as Hugh Small explains.

  The Crimean War (1854-56) was a disappointment to

  the British because peace broke out just when, with

  their French, Turkish and Italian allies, they seemed

  to be gaining the upper hand over Russia. For more

  than a century afterwards, English-language histories

  of the war tended to play down this disappointment

  by writing off the war as unnecessary. Only since the

  collapse of the Soviet Union in 1989 have historians

  reappraised the conflict and shown how much was at

  stake in the most destructive war of the 19th century:

  it equalled the American Civil War in casualties and left

  a legacy that still divides Ukraine and the Caucasus.

   As Charles Emmerson has also posted recently posted

   in HISTORY MATTERSIn Ukraine, it's not just the   

   future which is at stake. It's the past, too.


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