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 the ESSENCE of the PROBLEM 

"Recognise who you are at your essence. Do you know what your true purpose is in this lifetime? Too often, we become distracted by the temptations of the world, or we buy into the collective consciousness that has been created. However, deep down you know what your soul purpose is. Have you been fully immersed in living that purpose or do you realise that you have become diverted along the way?

The key is awareness of where you are right now. Your journey has been perfect up to this point. Everything is a preparation for the essential gift you are bringing to the world. Now the question is, how are you going to move forward from this point on? Instead of focusing on the past, give thanks for all your experiences but realise that you can now choose to move directly on your highest path. It is time to step into your full essence and accept your power to have a positive impact on the world. It is time to shine your light fully upon the world and allow your love to be shared as completely and openly as possible."

Ted Murray


"A new phase in the evolution of human civilisation is on the horizon. With 
deepening states of crisis bringing unrest to all parts of the world, there is a growing need for change in our ways of thinking and acting. We now have the choice of either spiralling into deepening peril, or breaking through to a world of dignity and wellbeing for all.

Throughout its history, humanity has been guided primarily by a material consciousness. Fearing scarcity, we have continued to pursue material gain beyond necessity, taking from others and depleting the Earth’s natural resources. If our aspirations continue to focus only on what is material and finite, our world will face inevitable destruction. 

WHAT IS our true NATURE ?

In order to make more enlightened choices and change the course of our history, we need to return to the basic question concerning human life. Each and every one of us must ask, “What is your true nature ?” and seek a meaningful and responsible answer.

The great spiritual traditions of the world have always been telling us that, at its root, human life is inextricably linked to its universal source. Today, the latest advances in the physical and life sciences reaffirm this perennial insight. When we rediscover our connections to nature and the cosmos, we can re-align our life with the universal movement toward oneness and harmony in and through diversity. We can restore the divine spark in the human spirit and bring forth our innate love, compassion, wisdom, and joy to live a flourishing life. 

The TIME has come for every one of us to awaken
to the divine spark that resides in our heart."

In Oneness and with so much love, Steve

Steve Farrell
Worldwide Coordinating Director
Humanity’s Team


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