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   Peter Osborne Telegraph PIECE rapidly approaches and

   [IT] IS salutary to think that ALL of the problems which

   the Conservative Party are facing today derive from

   that self-same arrogant view of Mr Osborne’s, that

   politics belongs only to a gilded, professional elite.

   Nothing of course could be further from the truth,

   and no wonder Conservative members and supporters

   are turning away in disgust. 

   Never forgetting since my soul-mate Linnie and I were

   married on the 4th April 1968 • because that was the 

   last date possible that any couple could claim the

   married allowance tax rebate [IT] has been the 

   absolute case that EVERY political party that has been

   elected to power has adopted the DO AS I SAY NOT

   WHAT I DO mindset, including the "BURGERS" of the 

   EEC, who have now transmogrified into the arrogant

   European Commission, following the Maastricht and 

   Lisbon Treaties and N•O•W propose to establish a

   UNITED STATES of EUROPE in accordance with their

   5 Presidents Charter !!!  

    This ALL spells out the consequences of one of the more

   malign developments in British public life: the rise of the 

   expert. Unfortunately, the poverty of vision articulated

   by the Chancellor Mr. George Osbourne and ALL of

   those involved in the process of politics, stretches far 

   wider than politics. Policing, to give one example, is no 

   longer just about solving crime.

   As recent events have 
shown, the Police Federation has

   become a powerful lobby group, and one, moreover, that

   is malevolently contemptuous of the public interest and

   even at times (it would appear) opposed to the rule of law.

   Christopher Martin‑Jenkins was such a wonderful and 

   truthful broadcaster. His quiet, unassuming and lucid 

   commentary, informed by his own Christian beliefs and

   sense of place, was in its way an expression of a world

   view and a philosophy. That is why the BBC needs to 

   think long and hard on what made him so good at his

   job. And not just the BBC – the political guild has

   plenty to learn too.



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