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   ... continuously occupied by humans for 12,000 years, from the end 

   of the Ice Age to the twenty-first century. It has been transformed from

   a European peninsula of glacier and tundra to an island of glittering

   cities and exquisite countryside. In this geographical journey through

   TIME, we discover the ancient relationship between people and place

   and the deep-rooted tensions between town and countryside.

   The twin drivers of landscape change - climate and population - have

   arguably wielded as much influence on our habitat as monarchs and

   politics. From tsunamis and farming to Roman debacles and industrial

   cataclysms, from henge to high-rise and hamlet to metropolis, THIS IS

   a book about change and adaptation

   As Britain lurches from an exploitative 
past towards  

   a more sustainable future, this is THE STORY of OUR AGE.


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