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Posted on Dec 14th, 2008 by L. Diane : SoulSpeak L. Diane

It has been a long while, that I have felt as though my heart and mind will explode; their relationship separate in efforts to be individual, one over the other as opposed to one together; a battle proportioned in life over death, love over hate, peace over war, me over you, joy, over sorrow - a battle of polarities, suffering in silence. And now, in a turning of the tides, I recognize, embrace and experience depths of joy in release of sorrow; bridging gaps in dualistic mind, for duality exists only in containment that mind creates. It is as one soul we breathe, and in each breath we represent all. In light we love, in darkness, we simply love less. I have come to know my greatest sorrows as my greatest joys, and my greatest torments as my most cherished accomplishments, for they are equal in love and in merit; differences dissolve in wake to similarity, being different expressions of same. And yet, so long as humanity holds belief in duality, peace will remain unearthed as war will remain its opposite supported in belief of disconnect. And still, in consideration of all, love remains; duality becoming remnants in the wind as humanity's conscience comes to recognize itself.
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Lisa Norris


Title: SoulSpeak

Gender: Female

Age: 44

Sun Sign: Leo

Chinese Sign: Wood Snake

Location: Nelson, BC

About Me:

I Am here for Mind Expansion, Action, Co-creating, Enhancing individual/world Peace, Laughing, Lovin the Earth, Understanding Humanity, striving to Be the best that I can Be in All sectors of Being, Support of fellow Beings in Personal Awareness and Implementation of Conscious Intention…Lovin' Life. I AM CURIOUS.

I BELIEVE that Unconditional Love Is Natures aphrodisiac, and I Inspire to Feel Unconditional. I BELIEVE - I am here, on Zaadz, for the Nurturing of what We Inspire in each other.

I BELIEVE that Love's abundance guides Us All, and that it Is Our Awareness of Love in Our Life Experience that shapes the Life We lead, the Radiance We emit, and the Compassionate Strength that We are.

I BELIEVE…When I lack Awareness of my Physical Expression of Body, acting on Action born of Thought; processed from Mind through Brain to Body - I suppress Emotions in miscellaneous regard by lack of Acknowledging what Is Emotionally impeccable within my Being. What Is true to Energy Motional Being in Magnitude of Moment Is cumulative Action toward Purpose, each ones flavor becoming complete, Enhancing representative Nature of Being One of the Whole, disintegrating concept of separateness, feeling One in and with Life's Connection, All supporting All, as in Action of supporting others We also Support ourselves.

I BELIEVE that in Focusing Awareness inward We are Naturally drawn in desire toward elimination of toxic-mind buildup in our Being; a Freeing of Mind creating Clarity in that which was perceived as negatively charged - now supported in Unconditional Love; Peace full Intention growing Pursuit of Peace.

I BELIEVE Peace is possible within atmosphere of no constraints. I BELIEVE that constraints create Energy Motions of rebellion; to do that which Is 'not allowed'. I disagree with this system as it does not encourage Personal, Spiritual or Harmonius Global Growth.

I BELIEVE world suppression Is on its way out. That negative Energy gives its rapid display of Life more so as it Feels, Experiences its death. I feel it every day - that Love Is more powerful than any other Emotion; Love propagates Life and negative Energy Is Life's 'ego', and We are, upon awareness - servants to Love, redeeming Nature.

I know for myself, when I stop placing excuses in the path of Integral Honor, I become more Responsible in the letting go of a need to suppress what holds Truth in Intuitive Perception.


Someone close to me asked what my desires in life are, so I asked m...

I BELIEVE…A degree of love, whether negatively or positively vibed, shows itself with each interaction known, and is capable of enhancing growth of love, rather than aggression, worldwide. There are moments when I feel the heaviness of the earths entirety in the depths of my being, a suffocating blanket that I imagine the earth feels with every bit more of material goods we put on it, taking from it. My wish is to give the world as much love as possible, inspiring more love to spiral onward, upward. At times I feel so high on life that when I come back down in vibration, I must once more get to know myself. Love, is the quickest path I know to feeling good. Love carry's me when I cannot emotionally feel it in my highest sense, but rather shows in the depths of anger and blame, whether cast or cast upon. Love tempts me to laugh; inward and outward. And it propels me forward in lightness of being, my essence catching wind of humanity, and humanity I am representative of. How shall I show my face? How will spirit reside and move in my being?

I wish to feel the emotional pain which accompanies a new discovery of self - that moment of letting go as a result of a completion of understanding of that being held onto; that feeling of being moved to a point of expulsion; where understanding, delivers dilemmas to be one with the rest that is accepted. I wish to feel the emotional ecstasy, which accompanies higher choice. Love sends me questing to understand being. For me, writing is a way of expressing my truth as a personal identity; a Universal base infused through mind to body. And here I am. A servant to love. In my most desired dream, world peace moves from concept to manifest while in my human form I am still able to see, hear, smell, touch, taste, feel, and intuit that which we have created as one. Piece by PEACE - PEACE by piece.

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First posted by Michael Grove on December 14, 2008 at 10:00

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Comment by Michael Grove on July 3, 2012 at 9:09

"I don't believe the purpose of life is to just be happy. Why would God take fourteen billion years to produce highly evolved sentient life-forms that would ultimately develop the extraordinary capacity for self-reflective awareness, simply in order for them to be able to experience happiness?

It's my conviction that we are here for a reason, that there is a grand and great purpose to our presence in this universe, and that none of us are going to truly find what we are looking for unless we get over our misguided pursuit of personal happiness and connect with that greater sense of purpose—that ultimate reason for being."

— Andrew Cohen



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