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compassion, collaboration & cooperation iN transistion

Science advances by dialogue, inquiry and exchange of ideas. Today

dialogue is even more important than in the past, the community problems

and issues that science is facing need the best of minds, and hearts, to

come together. Science and philosophy, science and metaphysics, are

complementary activities. Fields like global climate, neuroscience and

consciousness and even quantum field theory, advance through

intersection of ideas and methodologies, not by censorship.

I am a quantum physicist, cosmologist and Earth scientist, so I know these

issues. We are now facing a grand revolution in scientific thought

through the dialogue between quantum theory, consciousness work, 

biology, and philosophy and psychology. TED has a great opportunity to 

help advance this transformation. I hope you do.

Menas C. Kafatos

Fletcher Jones Professor of Computational Physics
Chapman University
Orange, CA


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