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..."HAS THE REASON why Japan has dealt so effectively with

the COVID-19 pandemic crisis, anything to do with the

manner in which Transition Fujino came to deal with their

magnitude 9 Tōhoku Earthquake & subsequent tsunami

tragedy in 2011 !!!??? " • instead what do we find, but a

world full of nations of peoples being controlled by a

predominantly patriarchal mind-set full of its very own



Long Covid” was found to be most common in those of working age, with a median age of 45 among those afflicted, and cases rare in those above the age of 65 and below the age of 18.

Women were more likely than men to be affected.

Laura Donnelly, Health Editor - 
The Telegraph


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Comment by Michael Grove on October 15, 2020 at 12:25

Covid 'war' will not be won by controlling people, W H O envoy warns as lockdown fears surge

BRITAIN'S envoy to the World Health Organisation (WHO) has said the "war" against the coronavirus will not be won with "tougher rules that attempt to control people's behaviour, but by way of a middle-way solution based on all of us working together".

Comment by Michael Grove on October 15, 2020 at 22:08

 A middle path is needed….  Too many restrictions damage people’s  

 livelihoods and provoke resentment.  ‘Virus run wild’ will lead to lots

 of deaths as well as debilitating long-Covid among younger people. 

 The reality is that the virus is a common
foe: it is here to stay, and  

 we all have roles to play in keeping it at bay.  People are the

 solution to stopping spikes and surges from welling up and

 overwhelming us all.  Integrated local action that involves local and

 national authorities, businesses, professional bodies, community

 organizations, schools, academe, the media, international

 organizations, is essential, with all making themselves available to

 support people as they act for the common good.   Recognition of

 those who do this, and coordination among actors, are both essential. 

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