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 THE STORY of Alice in Wonderland falling out of the pages of a 150 year 

 anniversary edition of the book, into Tina Mason's beautiful cup and saucer

 domestic section exhibit, at the East Sussex Ploughing Society's GOLDEN

 anniversary event - which took place at Priesthawes Farm, Drockmill,

 Pevensey, by the most kind permission of Mr Chris Wadman, whose  

 chosen charity for any donations was for Huntingtons Disease; and it was

 he who then awarded 'the best in show' exhibiter's prize to Tina for this

 marvellous entry.



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Comment by Michael Grove on September 29, 2015 at 9:01

Which as Dr. Jago Cooper concludes in the documentary
THE INCAS: Masters of the Clouds ...

AS individuals we are all strong and weak at different times in our lives, physically, emotionally, politically; and IT IS where we are on that spectrum, when chance meetings or key events occur, that defines the decisions we will make and the pathways that our lives will take. Societies and Empires are no different, power structures waxing and waning, as they MorF and change through TIME; therefore if we are weak when these key events occur, our vulnerability can increase exponentially. This was what happened to the Incas and so it was in only one year that one empire was [RE]placed by another.

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