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compassion, collaboration & cooperation iN transistion


  IN[]LINE with a definitively open[MINDED] Free[SPACE] 


   THE ultimate motivation of our species MUST BE peace on earth.

  BUT peace on earth can only be attained if we can sit down with our

  adversaries and formulate sustainable solutions together, to address

  the very issues which divide us. THE penultimate motivation of our

  species MUST then BE to establish a global infrastructure which will  

  allow this to happen. WE DON'T get QUALITY by following a procedure

  • [IT]≡IS a state of MIND • ALL of which equates to C I T I ZEN's 4D •

  [BE]ing cognisant of the fact that THERE ARE ONLY TWO RULES [in4D

  • whilst establishing their IDEA of Freespace 4D • because through ART





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Comment by Michael Grove on February 12, 2018 at 8:33

Hampton Court summit ...
‘unlikely to go down in history' 

In spite of the choice for the symbolic Hampton Court venue, the UK Presidency has failed to make important progress on any of the EU’s burning issues at the 27 October 2005 Council, commentators agree. 

Comment by Michael Grove on February 12, 2018 at 18:48

ALL of WHICH "SPENDTHRIFT ATTITUDE" • towards the EU Budget • was subsequently placed into further context, by the shenanigans, experienced as a direct result of toxic fumes in the NEW EU HQ in Brussels. The Space Egg was commission in 2004. It was rubbished as a needless expense by former UK Prime Minister David Cameron.

EU officials insisted a new building was necessary because of the
union's expansion to 28 member states; as was no doubt the NEW Eurocontrol Building at Zaventem Airport at a TIME when the EU Commission are insisting on a safety threatening cut-back of             

Air Trafic Controllers, which in the original plan to do so, was commensurate on the completion of the Galileo Satellite Navigation System in 2025 !!!???


Comment by Michael Grove on February 13, 2018 at 15:19

BY effectively taking down the historic 4th WALL that kept us separate from NATURE and BY embracing the very fact that What IS Possible NOW, was never possible before - the passengers of Spaceship Earth in Freespace 4D, are embarking on a new collective relationship with NATURE, which establishes a timeless zone for communication and commerce in4D™ by realising the dream of a common language in4D™ and the whole IDEA is to reclaim y[our] species lost relationship, as a constituent component of NATURE, through a permanent manifestation of the original concept of The ART of the POSSIBLE.

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