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Enlightenment is a metaphysical transition from small self to BIG SELF.

After I met my last teacher and this shift happened to me, suddenly I found

I was seeing myself from a completely different vantage point. 

I no longer saw the world from within the prison of my small self.

Now I saw my small 
self from outside it. And this outside position included

the whole universe. To say I was amazed is an understatement. I was in a

state of awe and wonder at the spectacular turn of events, shift in

perspective, and profound self-transformation. 

Now my sense of self was literally enormous.

this enormity was inclusive. The once-tiresome and mundane melodrama

of my personal identity had broken wide open and suddenly felt like it was

the thrilling journey of the entire cosmos. My own life now felt like it was

one with all of life and my sense of self had transformed in such a way that

now I wanted to embrace or include as many others in this newfound

consciousness as I could.

                                                                                                                                Andrew Cohen

ASSUMING OUR TRUE MISSION, we then FIND OURSELVES -remembering who we are - in the process. We discover that we play the crucial role - a role seemingly prepared for us since beginningless time - in what is the most archetypally creative process imaginable - how amazing is that!

I would express my thanks to Simon Reynolds

for drawing my attention to 'Arise' by Leo Plaw


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