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EXCELLENCE is a process, not just an outcome ...

 Sure, we have to hold out for high standards in the products

 or services we provide. The goods must always be more than

 "good enough." But so must our approach - you know, our

 methodology, the way we do business and deal with people. 

 How could the ends be considered excellent if we can't be

 proud of the means?" ~ Price Pritchett

 [IT] IS TIME for ALL the passengers of Spaceship Earth, to

 take a leaf out of Buckminster Fuller's books of LIFE and

 realise that LOVE IS the operating system of LIFE and that 

 it is indubitably the case, as SO many before us have 

 manifestly understood, that ...



 To paraphrase Tony Buzan's THE HUMAN BRAIN AND THE
 GLOBAL BRAIN - THE human brain, of course, comprises
 10 billion small and amazingly complex brain-cells -
 each and everyone an independent intelligence in its own
 right - with hundreds of octopus-like tentacles - each with
 thousands of sucker-like connections - ALL of whic
 can inter-connect with every ONE of the other 10 billion
 similarly independent intelligences.


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Comment by Michael Grove on January 18, 2020 at 22:29


  KNOWLEDGE + IMAGINATION are the source 
of IDEAS ...
  IDEAS can lead to the sharing of a wealth of understanding which
  provides the potentiality of the qualitative enhancement &
  advancement of the EVOLUTIONARY PROCESS. The future of that
  process, however, since the outset of homo-sapiens-sapiens,
  has been in the "hands" and MINDs of OUR species. A species
  which is driven by the dual concepts of ... benefit for the
  individual and benefit for the collective. Concepts which
  can so easily be diverted to the use of the power of knowledge ...  
  for GOOD or EVIL.

Comment by Michael Grove on January 23, 2022 at 13:48

  Tory MPs back a criminal investigation into  

   that which has now been referred to as partygate

  Pressure is building on the Metropolitan police from  

  Tory MPs who want the force to investigate Downing

  Street’s lockdown parties regardless of the findings

  of the Sue Gray report this week. Although many

  MPs have said that they are withholding judgment

  until the outcome of the Gray inquiry, some believe

  that the details of what is already publicly known

  are sufficient to merit police action.

 The Met’s stance, reiterated again on Saturday, is  

 that it is content to wait for the result of the inquiry

 from the senior civil servant before deciding whether

 to investigate if potential criminal offences are

 unearthed. Since news of the first party emerged,

 opposition MPs have been calling for the Met to

 investigate, but backbench Tory MPs are now also

 urging the force to step in.

 SO why is she in charge of the partygate inquiry?


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