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Buckminster Fuller's self-published 4D Time Lock of the late 1920s, which called for a new type of housing that could be constructed in a day - IS today entirely possible with the advent of graphene building construction and a swarm of quad-copters - but here in the UK the one single dilemma of the nation - IS that the self-serving mindset of the elitist powers that be, which has been happy, since the advent of the British Empire, to sacrifice the lives of its people to the altar of elitist control  which culminated in the carnage of both worlds wars, which has resulted in a 'housing requirement', building/supply disaster

"In 1927, after the construction company failed, Buckminster Fuller was unemployed and contemplated suicide, but he had a remarkable realization. Deciding that he had no right to end his own life, he concluded that he had a responsibility to use his experiences and intellect in the service of others. As a consequence, he spent nearly two years as a recluse, deep in contemplation about the universe and how he could best contribute to humanity."

As a left-handed dyslexic, capable of manipulating 3 dimensional space in real-time within my head - the son of my father's hands, who were themselves those of his blacksmith father, and the son of my mother's mind - I have, as long as I can remember, understood the beauty of nature, from the perspective of how things grow according to the concept of seeking LESS and LESS about more & more NOT more & more about LESS and LESS.


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