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 Like humanity everywhere, Native American People trace

 their past in more than years. Scientific evidence shows

 Native American presence in the area for 10,000 years, and

 there IS even carbon-dated evidence of a 13,000 year old  

 male thighbone, which was discovered on an island off the

 coast of California. [IT] was of course as a result of the

 patronage of the Catholic Monarchs of Spain that the 

 explorer Christopher Columbus completed his four 

 voyages across the Atlantic Ocean and as a consequence 

 of his efforts to establish settlements on the island of

 Hispaniola, he finally initiated the permanent European

 Colonisation of the so called NEW WORLD; despite the fact

 that evidence has now been found that Viking explorers

 had already made the discovery, as long as two centuries



 BUT oral history begins with creation, when the Great Spirit

 created the earth. The earliest clans of the Delaware Tribe

 included the Wolf clan, or Mohegans, who settled in upstate

 New York. After migrating to Connecticut this group 

 became today's Mohegan Tribe.

 The Mohegan Story can be told through

 the history of its remarkable people.

 AT THE CORE of EVERY INITIATIVE that results in the

 positive enhancement of the evolutionary development

 of our species' relationship with the universal processes

 of NATURE, lies the SEED of ...



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Comment by Michael Grove on June 1, 2018 at 7:10

THEN to add insult to injury the lands of the Native North American Peoples,

that they had inhabited for millennia, which stretched from the Mississippi River

to the beginning of the Rocky Mountains, were sold from under their feet, so to

speak, as a consequence of  The Louisiana Purchase; which [IT]self was a

consequence of the Church of Rome perverted mindset, of those nations who

subscribed to the very concept of THE INQUISITION; and all because Napoleon

wanted to consolidate his resources so that he could focus on conquering

ENGLAND, as William, Duke of Normandy had done seven centuries before.

An attitude I would venture to suggest, not dissimilar to the arrogant one that

President Macron has adopted, in the face of the democratically decided will of

the peoples of the UK, to leave the European Union.

So [IT] was, in the belief that he lacked the troops and materials to wage an

effective war, that The French General chose to sell France's land to raise the

necessary funds, by rejecting America's proposal to purchase New Orleans and

choosing instead to offer the entirety of France's North American possessions

as The Louisiana Purchase



Comment by Michael Grove on May 18, 2023 at 9:30
“It’s remarkable, that the story of Nebraska Native American civil rights leader Chief Standing Bear has progressed from a native man being considered a non-person by the U.S. Government in 1879, to today, being recognized by the Postal Service with a stamp honoring him as an American icon,” Judi M. gaiashkibos, executive director of the Nebraska Commission on Indian Affairs, said in a statement. “This story of an indigenous rights hero is truly and necessarily an American story. This stamp further etches his legacy in our national consciousness and provokes necessary conversations about race, sovereignty and equality in the United States.”

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