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Although Hungary is a European Union member and a NATO ally, Orban has become notorious for his attacks on the media, academia, the judiciary and other democratic institutions since he became prime minister in 2010.

“He’s really hollowed out the democratic underpinnings of Hungary and is seeking to do so across Europe,” said Sarah Margon, the Washington director of Human Rights Watch.

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Comment by Michael Grove on May 31, 2022 at 11:10

The gene pool of the British is deep and wide and stretches back well before the Romans even considered extending their empire, in order to benefit from the rich resources which our land could provide. The British are comprised of an inter-bred melting pot of eons of travellers to these islands, off the mainland of Europe, in search of a combination of resources and climate which existed no place else and why centuries, nay millennia later, Britain became the birthplace of the industrial revolution and the heart of a global empire, based on the global trading of goods, for, in the most part, the mutual benefit of ALL parties. Even though the countries which comprised the empire, are today independent nation states, they still commune as a modern Commonwealth of Nations despite the fact that our politicians have, seemingly, forgotten the lessons of history, in their greedy, self-interested, power-seeking, retirement-plan-driven obsession with all things Europe, the EURO and the European Union - DOING the WRONG THINGS for the WRONG REASONS.

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