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Ian Gardner's Blog – May 2015 Archive (28)

Blind Eyes & Ignorant Minds.

In "time", as blind eyes will regain sight so will ignorant minds regain wisdom.


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Pleasure and Rewards.

Far superior to the pleasures and rewards of the illusion that is Earthly life
are the pleasure and rewards of the Reality.


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Love and Relationship.

The emotion generated by love i.e. the emotion of love, depends for its existence on there being a relationship of one kind or another. However, a relationship is not dependent on love. By understanding relationship itself one is aware that, whereas the emotion of love requires relationship, relationship does not require either love or emotion because love and emotion are…


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The Seed of Truth.

The seed of the Truth (Reality) lies within every one. All that is required is

to cultivate the soil, sow the seed and nurture its growth. The harvest follows.

Hence, one aspect of "As you sow, so shall you reap."…


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Sublime Patience.

This is the patience with life as it unfolds for one, not the patience of waiting for some thing. Sublime patience comes from the understanding of the purpose of life as we know it and accepting our responsibility for that life. To hand over this responsibility to 'God', or anything or anyone else, is to duck one's own culpability.

Sublime patience comes from acceptance…


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The 'World'.

The 'World' at any time accurately reflects the collective human consciousness and is in harmony with it.


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Acting According to Your Conscience.

Act according to your conscience and disregard possible consequences to

yourself. The mind will feed you with all sorts of things, but it is surprising

how often the consequences are quite unexpected and quite unlike the often fearful warnings of the mind. Be aware that the results of acting according to your conscience are precisely what you need. These can be…


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Litigation and Karma.

To resort to litigation is to deny or avoid karma.


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