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With humor and compassion, this film gives voice to our legendary Mother, who has been so graciously providing for life on earth. Now she is asking us for a little cosmetic surgery a restoration of her natural beauty and vitality. Employing concepts of sustainability, ecological economics, and natural capital, the film shows how conventional economics encourages exploitation of our natural resources, ignoring the value of critical goods and services like clean air and water, fertile soil, and other natural assets. We hear from economists who propose a new model that puts a hard currency value on the virgin resources, considered Natural Capital, being harvested from the earth, and impose a value on the burden of squandering these resources in the forms of waste, byproduct and pollution. Mama Earth dispels the myth that being eco-friendly is merely an altruistic endeavor. In the future, it will be the way businesses not only positively impact the environment, but their bottom line as well.

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