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WISHES are for "the fool "

ACTIONS are for " the wise "

but spare a thought for those who would have wished

that zaadz could have continued to exist without gaia

here is coolmel's end of year reflections in 7 haikus -
flew back to Ireland 
stood on the grave of giants
historic England - INDEED
The WISE man said - "IT can't BE DONE !"
The FOOL came and DID IT
This is in Response to the Questions and Reflections for January 18, 2008:

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martha : wildlygentle

2 days later
martha said

I admit that I'm a fool. That's OK. We are all loved, and we all can love. Even we fools.

Michael : catalyst-producer

11 days later
Michael said

… and ALL the ”Xspirts” of the world contemplated the problem, for years and years without success, and the fool stepped in and fixed the problem.

ALL hail to Martha.

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