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MIND-FULL, multi-dimensional, SENSE of PLACE perspective that ever since the World's First Central Bank was established to Copper-Bottom the ships of the British navy • that the British Government have been "shuffling the  deck-chairs around on the Titanic" as she was sinking and the 'very latest shuffle' at this [TIME] of Global Pandemic and the lack of a plan let alone detailed action with regard to and respect for the desperate need to seriously address the issue of CLIMATE CHANGE from a synergistically relevant point of VIEW.


indefatigably & indisputably required to address this issue.

IT [IS] of course the empty [   ] space between the "islands" of politics, religion & science that have to be "bridged" in order that a fully integrated & INTEGRAL solution might be achieved whether that takes the form of a CitiZEN 4D NEW INTEGRAL MODEL of UNITED NATIONS or whatever.  ALL success today must be offered, therefore, to both the EU & UN & their co-operative discussions in the hope of an appropriate outcome - in the face of a combination of economic necessity, national pride & the multitude of diverse political, religious & scientific perspectives.

What [IS] NOW needed Is a GLOBAL PLAN of ACTION


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Comment by Michael Grove on September 17, 2021 at 9:30


[IT] was at the bequest of Dr. Vannevar Bush as the scientific advisor to President Franklin Roosevelt, that the MIT Radiation Laboratory was established to develop technologies for the detection of aircraft and ships • capabilities that were sorely lacking in 1940 • in conjunction with the British and their 10cm cavity magnetron, by means of the basic structure of a program that would develop the radar technology that subsequently had a decisive role in the Allied victory of World War II.
Following on from Dr. Bush’s idea of a ”MEMEX” in 1945 • Doug Engelbart, who was best known as the inventor of the mouse, but also came up with the idea of screens, and windows, and "hypertext", clickable links in text that could take you from document to document • IT WAS of course Apple Computers that put together the very first practical and demonstrable version of Bush's ”MEMEX”; developments of which Tim Berners Lee was able to avail himself, to create the Hyper Text Transmission Protocol [http://], the World Wide Web [www] and the concept of a Browser, which became Netscape, to establish THE new relationship between thinking man and the sum of our knowledge

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