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As the story goes, Buddha sat under the Bodhi tree and meditated.

For a long time. As a result, the Bodhi tree later became known as

the Tree of Enlightenment or the Tree of Knowledge.


What happened in the time he spent under the tree?


In this episode of “Ask Deepak” on The Chopra Well, Deepak poetically

describes what Buddha may have seen and explores what we can learn

from this experience – including interdependent origin, impermanence,

and more.


As Susan Elliot the Heartwood Artist - has so eloquently illustrated 

above and lucidly describes below -


More than 2,500 years ago a man

named Siddartha in ancient India

began seeking a way to ...

understand the meaning of life.



He meditated under the Bodhi

Tree for 7 weeks. On the sunrise

of the 49th day he found his

answer ... 

the cause of all suffering is

greed, selfishness & stupidity


If people rid theselves of these

emotions they will be happy.

From then on he became “The

Enlightened One”, or “Buddha”,

and hence came the beginning

of the Buddhist way of thought. 


In the Sanskrit language “Bodhi

means “fully awake”.  Since that

time the Bodhi Tree has been

called ...


“The Tree of Enlightenent”



I saw the universe stopping by and pretending to be a tree


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