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compassion, collaboration & cooperation iN transistion

of [y]our existence - as passengers of Spaceship Earth, spiralling through

the vast immensity of [y]our cosmos - IS uniquely attuned to that which

pertains within the specifically natural environment, contained within the

biosphere of Spaceship Earth. TIME TO DO WHAT HAS TO BE DONE.


I can only imagine that it would take semester’s worth of TIME to follow through on everyone of these threads; but as Martha once concluded, back in the days of *zaadz
… " I was thinking about what your alphaindex might be all about and that it might in some way, in some form of itself, become interlinked with other people's personal alphaindexes in some way... but I was also thinking of Alex Berry' article and, putting the two together, there's this:-

Perhaps dyslexia is not a disorder in any way, shape or fashion.
Perhaps dyslexic people are merely humans who process information the way that they process information. Humanity has progressed beyond the assumption that red haired people are servants of satan, and beyond the assumption that left-handed people are in some way deficient and wrong. Let's throw out the notion of dyslexia, and just say that there are "n to the x power" expressions of human intelligence, that is, myriads of ways that humans process and cognate. Ok, but there's more: So, what did people always get out of categorizing others as "deficient"? They got POWER! "Power Over." (Power in a hierarchical system.)

Information is power; knowledge is power. And this goes along with the necessity for humanity to collectively own their knowledge base-perhaps the knowledge base that is collectively owned by humans will be diversely alphaindexed and interconnected...

The balances of power in the world will be shifted tectonically by all of this, no doubt "
My very best regards to ALL of YOU 


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