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HAS been the order of the day for some

time from our new masters of the globe

- and yesterday's revelations from the

outgoing governor of the Bank of England

demonstrate how little the political elite of

this country have any intention whatsoever

of really getting to the bottom of that

question from our Queen -

DID NO ONE see this coming !!!???

- in the context of the collapse of Lehman's and the subsequent crash 

of the global financial system of Making Money from Moving Money.

Since this film was first shown to the public the powers that be

have done everything they can to divert attention away from

the issues raised in this film -

Thank god for the internet then, that on the very same day that the 

usual spurious response from our politicians, of ALL flavours, that -

THE PROBLEM was with the system not the individual bankers

... WAS well and truly shot to pieces by the dramatic revelations about the behaviour

of those in charge at the Anglo Irish Bank at the time of the financial crash - and the

realisation on the part of at least some of the hard-working taxpayers of the UK that

they had NOT only bailed out Northern Rock, RBS and Lloyds Bank, as well as taking a

hit on those few that had the party in Iceland - but had also helped to substantially

fund the Anglo Irish Bank bailout through the auspices of the IMF.

TRUST THE BANKERS - or their political cohorts -


I would rather be spending my time thinking about ...




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