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Mind – Negative, Positive or not at all?

Background: Recently, after putting aside reserves for emergencies, I donated the equivalent of about three weeks of my pension to a family in need. I use the criterion, “Who needs this more than I do?”

Entry: Last night when I lay down in bed and relaxed prior to sleeping I neopted that as a result of my donation I felt neither happy nor unhappy and that I could, at will, switch my mind - my moul - to negative or positive or detachment. This neoption, though unsurprising, was enlightening and clearly illustrates non-attachment to a deed and the resulting balance and harmony.

I was aware that to switch to the negative all I had to do was ment* about one or more of the “What if?” questions, that to switch to the positive all I had to do was to ment about the act and its results and, the third option was to remain non-attached and in that unique state of being stemming from the simple fact that something needed doing and was done.

Note: Dear Reader, you can do this too!

*mental activity, think [See Ian's Dictionary]


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