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WHEN we show our respect for other living things,

they respond with respect for us - Arapaho Proverb

What an incredible diversity of life forms exists in this world. Every part of the planet is

different. Even within one area, the array of different species, colours, habitats, and life

forms is simply stunning. What incredible intelligence was required to create something

so magnificent?   What is truly amazing when you look at nature is the intricate

synergy that exists, with each life form working within the overall flow of creation

to make the entire planet sustainable in so many minute yet essential ways.

Why don’t human beings operate in this same way?  Why don’t we honor and cherish

diversity, even within our own race?  Why don’t we try to learn from those who think and

believe differently than we do rather than expect or even demand that others think like

us?  WHY don’t we honour ALL of NATURE and DO our part to preserve the delicate

balance that makes life in all forms sustainable instead of trying to dominate the

natural world for our own selfish desires?  WHY don’t we learn from nature that

cooperation for mutual benefit IS better than competition, greed and selfishness?


                                                                                                      Ted Murray




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