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compassion, collaboration & cooperation iN transistion

that HumanKIND has to prepare for our next cataclysmic

encounter with the cyclic occurrence of climate change,

the likes of which has NOT occurred since our 600 or so

forebears were stranded in the Pinnacle Caves of the African


where our species first emergence of new beginnings 


DEMOCRATIC GOVERNANCE has to be established.

That place where our forbears came from of course, is the country which we have named South Africa.

It was Nafiz Rifae, Chairman of the Bethlehem University Alumni Association, who gave one of the most moving speeches summarising the transformation work, which Elza Maalouf has detailed in her book EMERGE! The Rise of Functional Democracy and the Future of the Middle East - which began with this opening statement from by Nafiz ...

"The idea for this convention was born when we asked ourselves the question, "WHY haven't we been victorious over the Isreali occupation?" Many in Fatah tried to answer that question and failed. After a rebellion that lasted forty-three years we failed to see any progress. WHY? Why were there so few answers to what we were facing? We asked ourselves how did the Zulus manage to bring down the apartheid system in South Africa and become partners in building a nation. Yet we, the people who built the Arabian Gulf, have not been able to build the institutions that will build our nation. After a lengthy search for answers, we met Dr. Don Beck, the author of the Spiral Dynamics theory. We found that there are reasons for our failures, and for those who have lost hope. I'm telling you ALL ladies and gentlemen hope is all around you, but you need to know how to find it in order to succeed. We must put Palestine first, and all of us in Fatah, are to serve Palestine. To liberate Palestine. To build Palestine."

THEREIN lies the dilemma, at the core of the other global crisis which will result from our species lack of dependence on the oil which has funded the transformation of the Middle East, and the WORLD, in the last 100 years. 


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Comment by Michael Grove on October 27, 2016 at 6:29

"Even today, using the full complement of advances and discoveries in the sciences in the past forty-plus years, it is not easy to describe the research problem that Dr. Graves laid out for himself after his first breakthrough discoveries. I can show you what I mean by updating how he posed it.

Start with the DNA equivalent of 715 megabytes of information contained in everyone of the body’s estimated 50 million million cells.

Move on to a person with a brain more complex
than anything else organic in the known universe.

From there proceed to a mind that, indubitably, is utterly dependent on that brain, but, in ways we still haven’t managed     to explain, is indisputably more than “just a brain.”

Assemble a world of 7-plus-billion of these minds                         and organized them into 6,000 separate cultures.

After that, factor in the reality that we are swimming in the wake of, and sometimes mid-stream of, the 100,000 distinct systems of belief and meaning-formation conjured by the mind since the beginning of consciousness."

Dudley Lynch - 16 Sept 2014 - 

When HE first envisioned the leap: how the late Clare Graves
saw SENSE where so many before had seen only NONSENSE.

Comment by Michael Grove on October 22, 2023 at 11:59
At the end of the day [IT] IS all about adopting the very definite discipline of adopting over time an "OPEN MINDS to EVERYTHING" attitude !!!
Comment by Michael Grove on April 28, 2024 at 9:56
Fifteen miles east of the garrison town of Lyman, a desperate fight has been taking place on Ukraine’s eastern front for months. The once verdant Serebryansky pine forest has been reduced to burnt-out stumps, reminiscent of images from the Somme, destroyed amid Russian attacks aimed at eliminating Ukrainian foxholes.

Fearful that the frontline could crack last summer, Ukraine’s commanders deployed the Azov infantry brigade to the sector. Their task was and is to repel what “Maslo”, a 29-year-old staff sergeant with the unit’s first battalion, described as “constant assaults, every day, sometimes for 24 hours”. Occasionally the brigade makes dangerous counterattacks on foot.

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