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 whether there is - a 3D visual model for the integral map 

- I would like to share some ideas of using the triangular prism model - to map the evolving stages of personal development to assist ...THE journey in
 search of SELF and ALL that IS LOVE.
When Fibonacci’s Liber abaci first appeared, Hindu-Arabic numerals were known to only a few European intellectuals through translations of the writings of the 9th-century Arab mathematician al-Khwārizmī. The first seven chapters dealt with the notation, explaining the principle of place value, by which the position of a figure determines whether it is a unit, 10, 100, and so forth, and demonstrating the use of the numerals in arithmetical operations. Fibonacci numbers, the elements of the sequence of numbers 1, 1, 2, 3, 5, 8, 13, 21, …, each of which, after the second, is the sum of the two previous numbers.
Looking at the hexagrams of the I-Ching Leibniz recognized his own system of binary mathematics in the symbols by representing yin (the broken line) as ZERO and yang (the unbroken line) as ONEFor Leibnitz there were only two unquestionable realities - ZERO and GOD

In the 19th century the term '
Fibonacci sequence' was coined by the French mathematician Edouard Lucas, and scientists began to discover such sequences in nature; for example, in the spirals of sunflower heads, in pine cones, in the regular descent (genealogy) of the male bee, in the related logarithmic (equiangular) spiral in snail shells, in the arrangement of leaf buds on a stem, and in animal horns.


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Comment by Michael Grove on March 22, 2024 at 9:37
Bumblebee among species US wildlife officials consider listing as endangered • as US Fish and Wildlife Service completes review of petitions and finds 10 new species that may be added to Endangered Species Act.

One of the more prominent species up for consideration is the Southern Plains bumblebee, a large black-and-yellow bumblebee that inhabits open prairies, meadows and grasslands in the midwest, the mid-Atlantic states and the Plains states from Texas to North Dakota. It is also found in the grasslands and savannahs in the south-eastern US, including Florida. Queens can grow as large as an inch (26mm); workers can grow to as large as three-quarters of an inch (18mm).
Comment by Michael Grove on March 22, 2024 at 9:41
[IF] we don’t stop companies like Bayer and Syngenta from selling toxic chemicals that are banned in the EU, to other countries, many of which are in the Global South, bees and people won’t stand a chance to be free from these toxins.

Communities all over the world are facing health and ecological harm due to these pesticides – including in Cipreses, Costa Rica where our community was instrumental in helping to win a national ban on chlorothalonil, sold by Syngenta.

Over the years the Ekō community has fought hard to keep bee-killing chemicals off our shelves. Our movement was built exactly for moments like this. The upcoming EU elections will be a key moment to show lawmakers just how many people around the world are demanding action.

What happens in the next 3 months could set the agenda for pesticides for years to come. Let’s do everything we can to make it a victory for the bees.

Thanks for all that you do,
Rewan, Yasmin and the Ekō team
Comment by Michael Grove on March 22, 2024 at 9:54
... and as Ruth Michaelson at the GUARDIAN has recently posted...

Famine is imminent in northern Gaza with people suffering “catastrophic levels of hunger”, a coalition of aid groups has warned.

The situation was called “man-made starvation”, as the Integrated Food Security Phase Classification (IPC), a group that includes the World Food Programme and the World Health Organization, said that 1.1 million people, half of Gaza’s population, faced famine.

“The international community should hang its head in shame for failing to stop it,” Martin Griffiths, the UN top relief coordinator, said on the X social media platform, adding: “We know that once a famine is declared, it is way too late.”

Jeremy Konyndyk, the head of Refugees International and a former Biden administration official said: “In my 25 years as a humanitarian this may be, pound for pound, the grimmest analysis I have ever seen.”

“The famine is now starting. Only question at this point is how much more momentum it will be allowed to develop,” Konyndyk said on X.

The IPC report came as Philippe Lazzarini, the head of Unrwa – the UN’s agency for Palestinian refugees – said he had been denied entry to Gaza where he was due to work on improving the humanitarian response. Lazzarini said the Israeli authorities prevented him from entering Gaza on Monday. Unrwa, the largest aid organisation working in Gaza, is coordinating aid trucks entering via the Rafah and Kerem Shalom crossings.

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