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ONLY when the last tree has died
and the last river been poisoned
and the last fish been caught will
WE REALISE that ...

LET US begin the process of OPENING THE DOOR

THE Universal Law of Gender IS the expression of  YIN & YANG, otherwise

termed the feminine/solar and masculine/lunar.  The law states that these

two principles reside  WITHIN  ALL  THINGS, and IT IS through these principles


THE Universal Law of Gender is the CREATIVE FORCE that runs from the inner

into the outer world. IT IS the force of the ONE & ONLY GOD. It creates LIFE,

even that which is born into the solidity of the physical manifestation of our

planet of THINGSfor both of the principles of YIN and YANG, in ABSOLUTE

BALANCE & HARMONY, must be present to BUILD and to MANIFEST in our

multi-dimensional reality, as well.

UNIVERSES have been created when the FEMININE PRINCIPLE was unleashed but they have been created only when this was ignited and balanced with the MASCULINE PRINCIPLE.

For centuries on our planet, the feminine principle has been thwarted, making it difficult for either men or women to EXERT their FULL HUMAN POTENTIAL. Cultures, societies, individuals, sexes and institutions have ALL participated in suppressing the feminine principle. As a result, creation has been stifled and destruction looms at every turn.

The aggression from the masculine principle has thrown ALL THINGS out of balance, leaving the peoples of our planet to wander aimlessly until the power can be restored.

WHEN the YIN & YANG are balanced perfectly within the SOUL, the individual intuitively knows how and when to ACT appropriately in ALL situations.

of the POSITIVE/negative and NEGATIVE/positive or MASCULINE and FEMININE principles, within each & every one of our SOULS, brings the PERSON to a POINT of ANDROGENY, that state of BALANCE of THE ONE MIND that aligns the individual with the HIGHER SELF and the fourth dimension of Higher Consciousness.

LOVE IS all there IS. WE are only the pieces.
In the game of life, LOVE is in[DEED] the prize. Bypass the symbols and
go directly to the source. THE SOURCE IS THE UNIVERSAL CONNECTION.
[IT] IS all that ever [IS]



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Comment by Michael Grove on December 18, 2019 at 15:31

Technological development, climate change and globalisation are challenging the national institutions and modes of goverance we created during the industrial era. In order to maintain meaningful lives, social calm and liberal democracy, we need to upgrade our meaning making to match the complexity of the world we are creating.

Metamodernity is an alternative to both modernity and postmodernism, a cultural code that presents itself as an opportunity if we work deliberately towards it. It contains both indigenous, premodern, modern, and postmodern cultural elements and thus provides social norms and a moral fabric for intimacy, spirituality, religion, science, and self-exploration, all at the same time.

Metamodernity provides us with a framework for understanding ourselves and our societies in a much more complex way. It is a way of strengthening local, national, continental, and global cultural heritage among all and thus has the potential to dismantle the fear of losing one’s culture as the economy as well as the internet and exponential technologies are disrupting our current modes of societal organisation and governance.

Metamodernity will thus allow us to be meaning making at a deeper emotional level and a higher intellectual level compared to today; [IT] will allow us more complex understanding, which may match the com- plexity of the problems we need to solve. Appropriate meaning making is the best prevention against the frustrations that generally lead to authoritarian ideologies and societal instability.

Using metamodernity as the filter through which we see the world and as a template, we can create, among other things, new and appropriate education, pol- itics and institutions for our societies of the 21st century. A VISION such as this may even give hope.

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