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  Tell History in Stories. Neuroscience
    We love stories. We’d like to have all our knowledge
   packaged in stories — narratives with plots that involve
   people (and animals) with reasons and motives, carrying
   out their aims and designs, in cooperation or conflict,
   succeeding or being thwarted.

   Science comes hard to most of us because it can’t really

   take that form. Instead it’s equations, models, theories

   and the data that support them. But ironically, science

   offers an explanation of why we love stories.


   It starts with a challenge posed in human evolution

   but the more we come to understand about that

   subject, the more we see that our storytelling instinct

   can lead us astray, especially when it comes to how

   most of us understand history.                                  


                                        Alex Rosenberg - TIME



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